Join us on Sunday, April 11 for a new series entitled "Perspective: Life in Focus"...

We will learn how God can help us re-focus our lives in Him by asking some of the most fundamental questions of our faith. Questions such as: 

• What is truth?

• Who is Jesus?

• Why should I believe in Jesus?

• How should I follow Jesus?

• Where do I find real wisdom?

It will be a time to recalibrate our minds and hearts as we emerge slowly from this season, and onto a new beginning, hopefully with a new faith for some, and a renewed faith for others!

We will also be adding a new service time, in order to continue to gather in compliance of state and federal guidelines: 

• 9:00 am (English service live and online)

• 10:15 am (English service live and online)

• 11:30 am (Servicio en español en persona y en vivo por internet)